Official Launch!

On July 3, 2012 by

Ready…. action!

The Secret World officially opened its gates on monday, July 2nd. Yes, one day earlier than expected! Starting the day with the 1.0 update, anyone who purchased the game either online or in store was able to join the ranks of the famous Illuminati, Templars or Dragons.

I have to say I did not feel a lot more load on the servers, which is… I guess… good!

What I did see however is the existence of the multiple server instances, which can be deceiving. If you wanna group with people you know in the Secret World, you really have to understand that “meetup” command!

Overall, a really good pre-launch, and a really good launch!

In addition to that, we even have a new trailer. Let’s call it a freebie 😉 It sounds a lot more nostalgic, a change of pace compared to the previous ones… but well personally I really like it, I mean it’s actually just plain awesome, what do you think?


As seen on the official site:

The Secret World has opened its gates! Everyone who has purchased the game now has access. All retail and digital download copies of the game may now log in to play.

It is an honor to offer you this fascinating world where myths and legends come alive. For five years, we have cultivated a vision of our world that will challenge everything you ever thought to be true. We hope you enjoy the journey as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

We welcome you to The Secret World and hope you enjoy the game!

Well don’t worry… we will!

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